Summer Reading Ideas

For the whole class book:

  • Write at least 6 reflective blog posts over the course of the summer.
    • Include the book title and chapters you will be referring to in the title of the post. 
    • For each post, you should incorporate a major theme or characterization and elaborate on it using a song (provide lyrics and audio if possible), quote, picture, video, etc. 
  • Make it original and personal. This is NOT a summary of what you’ve read. I can access sparknotes, too. I want to know what YOU think and what connections YOU can make to the text.
  • By August 15th, you should have completed at least three of the blog posts.



For the “you pick” book:

  • Join the *group* with your book title.  Here you will be required to participate in ASKING and answering thought provoking questions under the discussion forum. 
    • You will receive:
      •  15 points for asking an open ended question
      •  10 points for providing a thoughtful response with support from the text (quotes and specific details)
      • 5 points for making a contribution (no, “I totally agree/disagree” doesn’t count!). 
  • By JULY 1st, you should have a total of 50 points earned on the discussion forums.
  • By AUGUST 1st, you should have an ADDITIONAL 50 points.  Extra credit may be awarded for students going above and beyond!



All: Fahrenheit 451 (1953 Bradbury)

You Pick ONE:

  • Red Badge of Courage (1895 Crane)*
  • A Lesson Before Dying (1993 Gaines)
  • The Scarlet Letter (1850 Hawthorne)*
  • Little Women (1869 Alcott)*

        (* available online for free)



You are expected to ANNOTATE 1984 and bring your books for the first day of class.

ALL: 1984

You Pick ONE:

  • Grendel
  • Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit

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