British Romantics

For 2008-09:

I assigned pairs to do a TPCASTT, with each pair doing a different author. (Small classes)

After analyzing and gaining a better understanding of the poem they chose by their assigned author, students work together to write a *satirical* poem. It should mimic the style and theme of the original poem, but ideally take a more lighthearted (fun) direction. These were typed and had pictures added in the computer lab so they could be presented and displayed for the class. (The mini posters were done in 1 class period.)

Intro: revising this lesson

Still just collecting ideas…

Coleridge: lots of info

Keats: interesting analysis, written by a doctor – La Belle Dame sans Merci (inc draft and published revision) text of Ode to Grecian Urn st agnes, links to other keats poetry (might be interesting, many students attend St. Agnes, myself as well)

Wordsworth: Daffodils lots of info the world is too much w/us text

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein teacher’s guide GOOD ONE!!! Print it out! site w/background info. “museum gallery” style tons ‘o links.  Will check out ASAP.

“I have taught this for several years now to seniors. It is a great companion to Macbeth and Brave NW. We expand on the concepts of ambition and lead into ethics. We do a research-based persuasive essay on medical ethics (i.e. stem cells). However, there are some great web resources, i.e. Frankephil (Victor and Frank are on the Dr. Phil show created by students). Golem is a great picture book to show the theme of responsibility and dangers of tampering with nature. I do a big multi-genre project to help with kids who need differentiated learning styles addressed. It includes an analytical essay, so the rigor is still there. I will see if I can attach some of the things I found on the Internet. Glencoe has an online unit that has some good things to do with comparative literature” –  Claire Robinson on February 26, 2009 at 8:40am (englishcompanionning) idk yet


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