My students are non AP English III juniors.  Some think that because they chose not to take AP, the class should be easy.  I’m working on trying to work with their motivations, since they are, for the most part, very capable students.  To appeal to relevance and hopefully at least some level of intrinsic motivation, they are writing I search papers on their plans after high school.  Most, if not all, seem to be planning to go to college.  Many have very lofty goals of medical school, doctoral degrees, and engineering programs.  I’m so pleased to discover these ambitions!!!

On to the assignment, I’ve left it VERY open ended.  Probably left too much space, but I understand that everyone has a differing degree of prior knowledge, and I want everyone to learn something about their actual plans.  Some focused on careers/majors and so far some have been more focused on which school they are interested in. 

I’m not sure I’m perfectly following the traditional I Search format.  The main idea of the paper is that students (while still using their formal writing tones, ie “essay voices”) will be permitted to use the term ‘I’ to encourage them to make this task personal.  As spring semester juniors, they are just now registering for the classes for senior year and I feel that it’s an appropriate time for this assignment. 

Overall, I’m really excited about the idea of this project, but I’m still trying to nail down the specifics to provide additional guidance without stifling students.  ANY TIPS!?


2 Responses to “I-Search”

  1. Athena Milis Says:

    I wrote my master’s thesis on the use of the I-search in the secondary ed classroom as a means of increasing student proficiency and motivation for research. I consider myself an expert and have plenty of material I can e-mail you. E-mail me to let me know if you would like the materials.


  2. Celia McDuff Says:

    I would like materials on the I-search unit. I teach six classes of regular English 3 in a Catholic high school.

    Thank you

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