My name is Candace Follis…

…and I am a first year high school English teacher.

This is my “professional” teacher page.  I’m using it to keep track of links, handouts, and lesson plan ideas in general.  This way I will be able to access my materials easily, and share the ideas and resources that I have found useful more easily.

Since I am just a first year teacher, this page is likely to remain very rough for a year or two.  My school is on a block schedule, so I see my classes every other day (A days and B days) for 75 minutes.  I strive to include 3-4 different “activities” (even if one is just bell work) in that time frame to keep students alert!

I teach:

American Literature(10th grade)

British Literature(11th grade)

Creative Writing (1 semester, 10th through 12th grade)


3 Responses to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Jessica Scheible Says:

    Hello! I am an English teacher in Virginia Beach, VA, and as someone who has been teaching for 11 years, I can see that you are already doing a FABULOUS job of keeping the good name of English teachers everywhere – what a site! 🙂 I am actually doing a bit of research about using Facebook in the classroom, and came upon your site in a Google search, which directed me to your assignment for students to create a Facebook page for a character from Macbeth. In it, you mentioned something about the McSweeney newsfeed? What is this? Is it something I might be able to look at myself, just to get a better understanding of what students are doing in this assignment??? Again, I commend you for what you’ve done with this site; I consider myself to be fairly technologically-savvy, but you’ve done so much here that I am not sure I know how to do. What a great resource! My email address is jessica.scheible@vbschools.com – I would love to hear from you if you ever have a free moment!

  2. Congrats on your achievement! I just graduated high school, and I know what fun teaching high school students can be-especially English. I was drawn to your page because I did a search on 1984, which I had to read last year. I’d say you’re already doing a fabulous job! I really like all of your worksheets for the book. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

  3. Lasse Zieseniss Says:

    Dear Mrs. Follis,

    I am a student of British & American Studies at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) and aspiring to become a teacher myself.
    Our University offers a certificate, proving my “competence” at using media as tools for teaching. To acquire this certificate, we are expected to create a wiki on a “relevant educational subject”, which, in my case is ‘Visions of the Future – Exploring Alternative Worlds’ (utopia – dystopia and genetic engineering, that is).

    I find the content on your page quite useful and would like to use parts of various pages (specifically your ideas for classroom activites and charts or diagrams to be found on this site) for my wiki. The Wiki itself is password protected and intended for use by students only.

    Would you grant me permission, to use subject-related content found on this website?

    With kind regards,

    Lasse Zieseniss.

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