Reflection to come. Here’s what we did for the 2008-09 school year.

FULL TEXT of the book:

Got an IPhone or ITouch? Check out free kindle from, then look for free copy (still on of the novel so you can read it anywhere!

Wednesday 3/18: Present Parody Posters (in groups, based on British Romantic poets)

Distribute Frankenstein; introduce novel and Mary Shelley

Watch the first 15 minutes of “I am Legend” and discuss bioethics

h/w: Read preface, author’s introduction, and 4 letters

Friday 3/20: Discuss homework; Listen to first half of “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and discuss

h/w: Read ch. 1-3

Tuesday 3/24: Quiz; Discuss ch. 1-3; Finish listening to “Rime..”

h/w: Read ch. 4-6; have Ning permission slip signed!

Thursday 3/26: Quiz; Discuss ch. 4-6; Ning permission form due;  Science on Trial Handout

h/w: Read ch. 7-8

Monday 3/30: Computer Lab – personalize Ning page

Write reflective blog post over ch. 7-8; participate in forum discussions

h/w: Read ch. 9-11

Wednesday 4/1: Circle discussion over ch. 7-11; SSR

h/w: Read ch. 12-14

Tuesday 4/7: Computer Lab; Ning blog post (ch. 9-14); blog comments and forum discussions

Complete research and begin writing (if you haven’t already) your Science on Trial Handout paper which will be due on Tuesday 4/14 (after Easter Break)


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