Position Paper


Teacher Reflections:

This paper is for my juniors to build on the writing experience they gained as sophomores (the source supported essay).  The assignment is comparable, though somewhat more rigorous, my expectations are much higher.  I expect a lot of thought to go into the organization and wording in these papers.


Your assignment is to write a 4-5 page POSITION PAPER:

  • Use at least 4 sources (1 electronic, 1 periodical, 1 book, and 1 You Pick!).
  • You must include a strong thesis statement, otherwise known as a Point Sentence.
  • You must use research to support your OPINION.  This is not simply a research paper, you must use the research to provide an argument for your beliefs.  Justify what you believe.
  • Paper must be written in MLA. This MLA Handout will be distributed in class. (Materials taken from the OWL at Purdue < click to learn more.)

Here is a sample paper WITH COMMENTARY to assist you.  It has examples of some of the less common citation issues.  TAKE A LOOK!

By Friday (12/12) you need to finish the Prewriting handout!  Your ROUGH DRAFT is due Tuesday (12/16).

Click here for a Guide to finding Credible Sources OR

click here for Purdue’s Tutorial for Evaluating Webpages.

Try the OWL at Purdue’s Site on MLA,

or here is an additional Guide to MLA Formatting.

Specific Questions on MLA Parentheticals.


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