*I taught this unit during my first month of teaching, and since I did NOT student teach, it was a hectic time.  That’s why this is so vague.  Either this summer or fall, I will update this page!!!

Teacher Reflections:

Beowulf was good because it was more creative and lax than future units.  An excellent way to start the year.  We discussed modern superheroes versus Beowulf and their qualities.  Chuck Norris was included each time, which cracked me up, and happened to support the idea that Beowulf refuses to use weapons unless he has a good justification.  I thought these kids would be too young to know who he is!  Students also made a comic strip depicting the fight scenes (in groups), wrote and presented a hero’s eulogy for his death, and finally created a visual depiction of one of the monsters while writing a creative retelling of the story from that monster’s point of view.  (Thanks to Susan Morton or Tim Dilg for that one!  Not sure who I stole it from!)

Basic Activities Menu:

Background information: Anglo Saxon Culture, Old English, Anticipation Guide, Loyalty Game

Translation preferences activity, listen in Old English, begin reading from text, Double Entry Journal

Monster Activities, hand out Monster Project *IDEA: adapt pic of monster to “Wanted Poster”?*

Hero Activities

“Fights” – Students will make a poster sized comic strip depicting details of the major battle scenes and present them to the class.

Monster Projects due; Write hero’s eulogy for Beowulf.

Review for Test, Test


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