Great Gatsby

*Note to self: Replace “Character Connections” short (1-2 page) essay after ch. 2 with an ONGOING CHARACTER WEB.  Encourage students to leave plenty of space to put significant quotes, color symbolism, or anything else they think about the characters.  Include new essay at the end of the unit.

For detailed schedule from the 2008-09 school year:

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SCHEDULE, scroll to bottom for most recent posting!

In class B Day: 2/3    A Day: 2/4

We’ll kick off this unit by pulling from the poetry of Walt Whitman from our last unit to Langston Hughes.  The handout for comparing the poems is  here: Whitman and Hughes Assignment.

Next, we will gain background knowledge using this power point on the The Roaring Twenties Power Point. This assignment is to both practice enhancing note taking skills (versus copying) as well as gaining a necessary understanding of the world of The Great Gatsby.  These notes (plus everything else for the Gatsby unit as well as our Romantics/Transcendentalism unit) should go in your English II Portfolio .

Thurs/Fri (B: 2/5 or  A: 2/6)

In class we will finish up the notes from the power point, journal about the American Dream, and fill out this  Anticipation Guide.  I will also pass out your books.


Wed/Thurs (B: 2/11   A: 2/12)

In class we will first take a relatively easy (open book) quiz.  From this point on, the quizzes will be more difficult.  Please understand that reading Sparknotes (etc) will NOT suffice.  Then students will break into small, teacher assigned groups to do a mini character analysis for a single assigned character. (Nick, Tom, Daisy, Myrtle, plus Mr. Wilson/Jordan/Gatsby).  YOUR HOMEWORK IS TO READ CHAPTER THREE!!!

Students will discuss each character and take notes – this should provide a solid backbone for the short essay due next class.  Your task is to TYPE a 1-2 page paper giving a little background information on each of the aforementioned characters as well as HOW the characters are CONNECTED to one another.  (This is similar to an assignment we did with The Scarlet Letter.)

I will pass out this explanation of our Gatsby Meets the Press project.  In groups of 5-6 students, you will create a newspaper using MS Publisher.  You will be assigned sections to cover and titles, so your individual effort will play a significant role in your final grade.  Think of it as a “decade in review” newspaper so that you can cover material from 1920 through 1929.  You WILL be required to cite sources or information as well as images.    We WILL have time to work in class.  Also, you will be incorporating aspects of the novel, The Great Gatsby or its author whenever possible.

Tues/Wed (B: 2/17  A: 2/18)

Peer Edit the Character Connections Paper in class.    Color Symbolism Handout and Magic Square Handout distributed during class.  *You are responsible for knowing the vocabulary from the Magic Square and it can show up on a quiz at ANY time.   HARD QUIZ next class.

h/w:  Read Ch. 4

Thurs/Fri (B: 2/19  A: 2/20)

Lengthy open book quiz over chapters 3 and 4.  You need to make sure you are caught up on your reading.  Discuss answers to quiz in class.

h/w: Read Ch. 5

Mon/Tues (B: 2/23  A: 2/24)

CHARACTER CONNECTIONS paper is DUE TODAY!    In class, we will be working on creating scripts for performing skits in the Gatsby Scenes Handout.

h/w: Read Ch. 6

Wed/Thurs (B: 2/25  A: 2/26)

GATSBY TEA PARTY!  (I’ll provide sweet tea, cookies, and even popcorn.  You may bring additional snacks if you like!)

Perform Skits for class.  (Bring props, if using them.)   SSR if time.

h/w: Catch up on reading.  There will be a quiz over Ch. 5 and 6 next class.

Fri/Mon (B: 2/27  A: 3/2)

Quiz (Ch. 5 &6) first, then we will travel to the computer lab to work on GATSBY MEETS THE PRESS (handout linked above).  It will be due next week.

h/w: Read Ch. 7 and be ready to ask questions and promote dialogue for participation credit.

Tues/Wed (B: 3/3  A: 3/4)

ROLE personality quiz – both for you and one character.  Who are you most like?  (Reflective Journal entry.)

Whole class discussion (circle style) – submit at least one question or quote that you would like to have the class reflect on.  A lot happens in Ch. 7!

If time, we will be creating Mini Poster “Signs” in small groups in class.

h/w: Ch. 8

Thurs/Fri (B: 3/5    A:3/6)

In class: Computer Lab (Gatsby Meets the Press)

h/w: Ch. 9 (FINISH NOVEL!!!)

Mon/Tues (B: 3/9  A: 3/10)

Quiz (Ch. 7-9) NO BOOKS!

Discuss “Richard Cory”  – relates to Gatsby or not? (analyze poem in groups)

Socratic Seminar (American Dream) – questions?

h/w: Prepare for SOCRATIC SEMINAR!!!

Wed/Thurs (B: 3/11  A: 3/12)

SOCRATIC SEMINAR over the American Dream *esp. Fitzgerald’s message*

h/w: Write INFORMAL reflection.  Bullets and notebook paper ok.  Explore key points raised during seminar, and explain what YOU think about them.  End with an explanation of any insight gained regarding the American Dream and the world around you!

Fri/Mon (B: 3/13   A: 3/16)

Using Class Study Guide Project, create a set of CLASS NOTES to study from – test NEXT class!

h/w: Study!  Here’s a link to the webs and timeline created by YOU and your CLASSMATES!

Tues/Wed (B: 3/17   A: 3/18)


Thurs/Fri (B: 3/19   A: 3/20)

In class: COMPUTER LAB!  (Gatsby Meets the Press!)

Mon/Tues (B: 23    A: 3/24)


h/w:  Gatsby Meets the Press project is DUE next class!


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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Check out what my students are working on. Feel free to have your students add their own comments.

  2. mrsfollis2 Says:

    That’s VERY cool! I will be looking back at this next time around for sure! I haven’t tinkered w/Voicethread yet-was thinking I would save it for summer but I may be able to use it next week for my Creative Writing students! Thank you!!! 🙂

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