The Canterbury Tales

Teacher Reflections:

The Canterbury Tales unit took WAY too long,and was not merely inefficient, but also ineffective.   I attempted to have them “teach” the tale in detail.  They were not really able to accomplish this.  The reenactments were very entertaining and it helped get the kids involved.  Unfortunately, they were not keen on reading the directions carefully, and I realize it was too much thrown at them at once.  Next time, I need to find a way to condense the work and break it down into smaller individual tasks.  For the Wife of Bath, I didn’t provide enough time to go through it.  In the future, I’m wondering if and how I should include The Knights Tale.  I really don’t want to stay on this unit for more than 3 weeks, though, and it takes a really long time just getting through the Nun’s Priest’s, Pardoner’s, and the Prologue itself.

Activites Menu:

FULL TEXT with footnotes!!!


Background, including The Four Humours.

Read Prologue, General Prologue Handout, discuss. (Compile top five best and worst lists.)

Pass outTeach a Tale” Handout and assign tales (paper due next class)

Collect papers.  In class we will be working on preparing to teach the tale with groups.  (visual component)

Present tales, teach vocab, type of tale, etc.  Write about tale you didn’t present on: Analyzing the Tales.

Read the “Wife of Bath’s Tale”; Listen to Prologue on CD in class; Wife of Bath Discussion Questions.

Review for Test; Test


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