The English PORTFOLIO This link focuses on SELF ASSESSMENT. List of links, may or may not be useful. Look through soon.

This is the handout I gave ALL of my students regarding their portfolios.  I will wait until the end of the semester to see how it goes, what seems to work and not work, and especially whether it seems more helpful to one grade level (so that next year I MAY only require one group to do this if it seems developmentally appropriate).

On the other hand, I may end up requiring that the sophomores I keep next year as juniors could extend their portfolio, thereby having a tangible record of their improvements (and they seem to be improving, despite the complaints!)….

Any suggestions regarding the above concepts or critiquing the below initial explanation of the assignment.  In May, I will be passing out a detailed rubric with an in depth explanation.

The English Portfolio

For each unit (even the short ones!) you will be required to keep all of your work in a portfolio. For some sections, you will continue adding to them for the entire semester. These include:

· Vocabulary (separated within designated vocabulary section by corresponding unit)

· Response Journal (This includes responses to quotes, lyrics, as well as prompts. You should write what you are responding to and explain it in context, as in, how it relates to the unit it was assigned during.)

· ALL Essays and Papers

The rest of the portfolio will be organized by the units we cover in class. You should have the handouts, homework, quizzes, and tests for each unit in individual sections.

Before you turn this in at the end of the semester, it will need to have a cover page, clearly labelled dividers, and table of contents. Extra credit points are available for portfolios that are above and beyond in terms of creativity and organization!

Additionally, you will be asked to write a letter to your reader (that’s me!) explaining what you learned and how your writing and comprehension may have changed over the course of the semester.


One Response to “The English PORTFOLIO”

  1. Sallie Bill Says:

    What a source of inspiration you are! I love all of the information you have organized, and I am excited to see if I can create my own list of unit plans and ideas. I am especially interested in your expectations for a portfolio. I am sure you have helped countless numbers of teachers and others aspiring to teach with your wonderful ideas.

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