British Lit.



ALL: 1984

Pick 1: Grendel

Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit?

FIRST SEMESTER QUESTION: What is a hero and how does that definition reflect the culture it derives from?

Current plan for reading/writing instruction (Google doc)

Aug: Discuss 1984

Sept: Write Position Paper

Oct: Beowulf

Write Hero Biography

Nov: King Arthur (^start early)

The Once and Future King  (SS 1938 T.H. White)   Tennyson

Dec: Macbeth (and sonnets) (^start early)


Jan:  iSearch paper?

Feb:      Satire    (Swift+) (^start early)

Romanticism (blake, wordsworth, coleridge, byron, Shelley, keats)

Mar: Frankenstein (1818 Shelley) (^start early)

Apr: Earnest or Pygmalion??

May: Lord of the Flies (1954 Golding)

Other questions I like (will keep adding as I find them):

Is utopia attainable or is your utopia another person’s dystopia?


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