Civil War Literature

*The Interesting Narrative – 1789 Olaudah Equiano (see text book excerpt p. 44; describes slave trade experience)

*Ain’t I A Woman – 1851 Sojourner Truth (speech)“Ain’t I a Woman?”

*My Bondage My Freedom – 1855 Frederick Douglass (see text book excerpt p. 458; focus on ignorance/education)

*Incidents of a Slave Girl – 1861 Harriet Jacobs [Excerpt: 15 yr old slave girl is sexually pursued by master] Full text       available. Consider also ch. 17-19 (flight, stay above shed, children freed)

*Up From Slavery – 1901 Booker T Washington (autobiography) [Excerpt: The Reconstruction Period. Teaching former slaves; education]

Also in text book – traditional hymns(p.452), poems by Paul Laurence Dunbar(p.600), excerpt from Alex Haley’s Roots (1976, p. 202-206) w.focus on origin, identity, history. (Use to segue in or out of unit.)

*To Be a Slave – Julius Lester (non-fiction/ personal accts.)


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