King Arthur

Teacher Reflections:

The King Arthur unit started with a sort of webquest on Arthurian legend.  They also had to watch a movie from a list of films based on the legend.  It was very slow getting started, and then I had them do the research and have some in class prep time to work (in partners) on the Medieval powerpoints while we started reading.  I found it kind of difficult balancing the time, and I got behind on the discussions/quizzes because they had both the last minute prep day, then a day of presentations in a row.  I felt very pressed for time because I wanted to get as finished as quickly as possible (was trying to finish before Thanksgiving break, but we didn’t quite get done).  I also tried to do too many “creative” activities in a hurry at the beginning.  I will pare WAY down next year and focus on discussion and simpler in class activities.

We read The Sword in the Stone by T. H. White.


I adopted this assignment from another teacher: Graphic Organizer.

For next year, I am thinking that maybe I should break the whole book into similar (4 chapters – or perhaps 8 would be better…) sections and assign students to do this project 1-2 times over different sections (dependent on class size) and have them “round robin” teach their group about the section and require them to defend their choice of significant events.

I also have a RUBRIC that the other students would fill out.  Students will have to be prepared to discuss whether or not they feel that all of the significant events were included in the project being presented to them. 

All of the students will still be required to have read the assigned chapters… so I’m not sure if this is considered a “jigsaw” exercise or not.


For the “Quote Journal “

11/4/08:    “It is more secure to be feared than to be loved.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Students should respond to this quote after reading about the Wart and his experiences with Mr. P.  (“Might is Right”)  They should decide what Wart learned and how he would feel about this quote as an adult, based on our knowledge of the legendary King Arthur.  They should also write whether or not they agree with this statement and why.  After they have written their responses, this will be a topic for discussion.

11/21/08:  American Idiot lyrics – Green Day

Students should write about the connections between this song and the chapter where Wart becomes an Ant.  Then, they should try to connect both the chapter and the song to our modern society.


King Arthur Legend – Links 

For Monday, December 1: You must finish the novel over Thanksgiving Break! Alongside the reading assignment, you are required to put at least 30 entries on a Double Entry Journal, with 3-5 entries for each chapter (16-24).  These entries should be a quote or line from the text that you found interesting, surprising, controversial, etc. and on the other side, you should explain why you chose the quote and how you connect to it.

*Be thinking of a topic that you might be interested in writing your position paper over! (No pressure… yet.)


For Thursday, November 20: Read through Chapter 16.  Be prepared to present your Graphic Organizer.  Here is the RUBRIC for your project.     

For Friday, Nov. 14: Read Ch. 10-12.  Medieval Power Point Projects due.  Vocabulary quiz and presentations.  Don’t forget your individual summary of your topic in MLA format!!!


For Wednesday, Nov. 12: Read Ch. 8-10.  You are responsible for getting the definitions for the vocabulary posted on the board.  We will be in the Computer Lab during class, finishing the Medieval Power Points.


For Monday, Nov. 10: Read Ch. 5-7 (p. 40-72); Quiz; Turn in personal Coat of Arms, and present.   For helpful hints, see Heraldry.


For Thursday, Nov. 6: Read Ch. 3-4, be prepared to take a quiz over reading as well as vocabulary.  We will be in the computer lab working on your medieval power point projects during class.


For Tuesday, Nov. 4:  Read Chapters 1 and 2 from “The Sword in the Stone” out of your The Once and Future King novel by T. H. White. 


By Thursday, Oct. 30:  “Movies about King Arthur” Handout – watch movie from list and be prepared to discuss in class. Movie List and  Movie Discussion Questions.


Due Tuesday, Oct. 28:


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