Socratic Seminars – Discussions

Will post my own handouts and strategies soon.


This handout from is an excellent resource for both teachers and students to create better, more interesting dialogues in class.  The premise is making it more student centered, which is fantastic.  It holds them accountable and keeps their attention.  I plan to implement this for the next unit it fits well into.  (Something my students can read at home and have a high chance of comprehending on their own…)

Found this on Ning –

“Print our your student roster with 5 extra columns. Label the columns: participation, thoughtful response, text reference, academic language, disrespectful dialog. You can label them whatever you hold as your ideals during the seminar. Participation = every time a student makes a comment that is to agree or disagree, but not to truly add on to the discussion in a thoughtful way. Thoughtful Response = a truly thoughtful response that enhances the discussion and moves it forward. Text Reference = student reads part of the text out loud to support an opinion. Academic language = in my class it is using transition words, each other’s names, the language of the curriculum. Disrespectful Dialog = not allowing others to speak, cutting someone off, putting someone else down.” –Athena Milis

Going to go back and review ways to improve and increase frequency of Socratic Seminars.


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