“The Short Version”

September 14, 2009


8/10/09 – Finish M.Ed coursework. Begin cleaning house and setting up classroom for surviving upcoming school year.

8/15/09  10:00 AM graduation service

12:30 PM Lunch with family. Drive directly to wedding. Put on uncomfortable bridesmaid’s dress. Have hair ripped out of head for vanity’s sake. Accept that there will be pictures of me wearing unflattering dress with a lovely bird’s nest resting atop my head. Wait around and feel useless for a few hours.

6:30 PM Wedding. Preacher informs bride she has a “love box” in which the husband must make deposits. He believes it is a beautiful metaphor. Ok.

11:00 PM Go to Steak N Shake. Yummy shake. Go home. Sleep.

8/17/09 Begin teacher inservice hours and frantically try to finish grading student’s first round of summer work. Try to figure out how to start the year. Wonder if I really will have a student teacher. Fret about everything.

8/19/09 11:00 PM Must be at school at 7 AM tomorrow. Start thinking about going to be “early” so it will be a good morning and I can start fresh. Hear a thud. Discover this. Realize that my husband’s car has also been struck. Realize some of my first day of school stuff was in there (but not much – thank heavens).

8/20/09 Drive to school in husband’s crappy backup car. He stays home to make calls and have pictures taken. Feel frazzled and a little off for the first couple of days.

8/21/09 Drop off my babies at preschool for the first time EVER. (They have been with us or grandparents their entire lives.) Feel proud that I didn’t cry. But I needed to…

8/22/09 Spend our entire weekend trying to find a new car for the cash we have on hand. Fail.

8/25/09 7:10 AM Arrive at school just before student council meeting begins. Discover that head of Dept is showing the new student teacher around. Had just given up on the idea yesterday. Huh.

7:55 AM Meet student teacher. She’s smart. I lucked out. Still taken aback since I had not expected this.

8:00 AM Bell rings. Turns out 5 minutes is not long enough to get aquainted. Once again feel distracted for the day. Good news? Get good vibes that upcoming semester will be exciting with a student teacher. Bad news: haven’t been very productive during prep periods since…

8/29/09 10:00 AM Set sail for Kansas City to shop for a car. Miraculously, a check has come in the mail unexpectedly early. Say a prayer in thanks.

10:10 AM Husband’s crappy truck that has been providing our transportation dies on the way. Transmission is shredding metal. He says it’s hopeless. Turn around and return home.

10:30 AM Head to local town to pick out cheap car in husband’s wrecked (but not dangerous) car. Get call from sis-in-law in KC. Says neighbor will sell us car. Go to KC. Buy car. Done.

8/31/09 Along with student teacher, we decide to read banned books leading up to Banned Book Week at the end of September. We choose 3 books I have not read. Begin reading around the clock (sort of).

9/4/09 Feel grateful for the 3.5 day weekend. Realize I was floundering. Start making progress on house and grading school work.

9/11/09 Pep rally. Football game. Party w/friends (and their kids) that goes until midnight. Wonder why husband’s friends want us to keep our kids up so late.

9/12 to 9/13 Completely veg out. Begin watching Lost from Season 1. Stupid Netflix online. Only have to click the arrow to watch next episode. Over and over.

9/14/09 Finish grading summer work. All grades uploaded to online gradebook. Nothing left to grade for now. HUGE burden lifted. Neighbor boys have finally cleaned up the enormous dead tree in our yard. Living room is clean. Laundry in machines. Feeling human again.

So… disaster averted. The energy deficit I began the year with has subsided. Sure, it is not likely that I will go back to the energy level I experienced as a first year teacher (just last year) but I am seeking sustainable balance. And I think I’m getting there. One day at a time.


2 Responses to ““The Short Version””

  1. MsStewart Says:

    That is maybe the worst metaphor I have ever heard used at a wedding. Don’t get me started on bad theology of marriage 🙂 Glad that you feel back on track. We missed you!

  2. John Says:

    The “love box” story make me laugh. It reminds me of when my wife and I got married. In the middle of our ceremony, the priest started lecturing on how its biologically appropriate for a man and a women to wed because “they fit together like a puzzle.” It was kind of funny and uncomfortable at the same time. http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/StoryTools

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