My “Rules” Posters

August 17, 2009

Alright, here’s the first of two posted “rules” for my classroom. RESPECT (Printed on bright yellow paper.)

Here is the other “poster” (I’m SO gonna end up on that unnecessary quotations blog!): RESPONSIBILITY (printed on bright green paper.)

Additionally, the bulletin board contains our cell phone policy, school calendar, mission statement and prayer.



Now I’m off to clean up my syllabi! (Exciting, huh?)


3 Responses to “My “Rules” Posters”

  1. Hadass Eviatar Says:

    Just curious, why are you posting rules before the kids even get there? Wouldn’t it be better to discuss with them and then post result of discussion? At the very least, that would increase buy-in, I would think.

    Also, maybe it’s me, but it looks to me like the green poster says “Responsible”, not “Responsibility”.

    I’m so envious that you are starting with a class full of kids … anybody got a job for me?

  2. nicoledg Says:

    I found your blog off of Huff English’s site and wanted to tell you how awesome I think your page is. For a “newish” teacher you have many creative and engaging ideas that I’m looking forward to trying in my own classroom this year. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. mrsfollis2 Says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliments. I think it’s so amazing that there are so many resources available online thanks to all the wonderful teachers (like Dana Huff!) and I’m thrilled that I get to be part of it – even if it’s just in compiling some of my favorites. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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