Ok… A few more thoughts

December 13, 2008

Additionally, I wanted to say that about halfway through the semester, I began requiring a quotes journal.  They respond to the quotes at the beginning of class, we discuss them, and then they hold on to them until the end of the unit.  I like giving the kids the extra writing practice (though I haven’t assessed to see how seriously they are taking the task yet) as well as time to verbalize their opinions.  It also introduces names of people we may not be reading, or connects to pop culture (esp. through song lyrics).

Starting in the spring semester,  I will be requiring students to keep a portfolio.  In it will be an undecided number of sections including the Response Journal (which will now go beyond just quotes, though there will be plenty of them!)  There will also be a section for notes, background information, and handouts.  It will be important to me that they keep a section of all their graded papers (the formal ones).  Other than that, I still have more decisions to make.  over break, I plan to spend some time googling other teacher pages to find out what others require for the portfolios.

Glad to have that off my chest.


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